So, you're gonna farm crickets?

Residence of rural Haysville had never heard of cricket let alone thought they'd live next to a cricket field. Foxfire Field was purchased in October of 2002, and was to be transformed from a tree farm to the Midwest's only privately owned cricket field.

99 problems but a pitch ain't one

The first step to building a cricket field is putting in the pitch. While Foxfire would like to feature a turf square in future, for now we have an artificial wicket that is great for batting, but can offer assistance to a skilled bowler.

The early years

Foxfire Cricket Field hosted it's first match in May of 2003, just seven months from the purchase date of the property. Notice the trees inside the field of play and the big white tent at Mid-wicket.

The Thomas Fox pavilion

You may have never seen him, and probably never heard him, but Thomas Fox - call him Tom - put an entire year into building the pavilion. From pouring the concrete to building the framework, painting the walls to designing the landscape Tom turned an ordinary cricket field to a crown jewel in the middle of a pavilion-starved United States cricket scene - so we named it after him. It was the least we could do.

Sod off

Building a cricket field in the middle of a former tree farm makes for some pretty interesting fielding at times. Sod was placed on the inner-most parts of the field, designated portions of the outfield, and around the Thomas Fox pavilion.

Foxfire today

Foxfire now hosts upwards of 30 matches per season. While the quality of grounds in the area has risen, it is still the first-choice ground for players from all around the region.